Jems Pedigree

A/C CH Can. OTCH Von Brader's Jem of Phantom Wood, A/C UD, TDX, JHD, TT, CGC, UKC-CD, VX

MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Gold Sire, OFA Good, Cerf, Cardiac Clear

CH Birch Hill's Quincy CD TD

OFA Good MRC Hall of Fame RO-6213 ARC Gold Sire

CH Gundi v. Reichenbachle

RO-846T MRC Hall of Fame

CH Alma Axa von Aragoss UD

High in Trial MRC Hall of Fame RO-3414

Can. CH Dasso v Geeren UD

971335 Can. SHSB273729 (Swiss)

Arko V Limmatblick

Can. CH Draga Z Velke Hane UD

RO-2410 980457 Can. (Czech)

Ammon V Bahretal

CsHPK 201/71/73 ZB 2540

Clea Z Roztocke Drahy

CsHPK 14/73/75 (Czech.)

CH Von Brader's Elsa

RO-11040 Littermate to Multi-BIS CH Von Brader's Eiger RO-11086

Tilla vom Kursaal SchH II

A/C CH Birch Hill's Nanna v. Brader TD

RO-4362-T MRC Hall of Fame ARC Bronze Dam

CH Gundi v. Reichenbachle

RO-846T MRC Hall of Fame

CH Dux v Hungerbuhl SchH I

RO-234 MRC Hall of Fame

CH Rodsden's Frolich Burga CD, TD

RO-649 MRC Hall of Fame

This is not my breeding, but a fellow Rottweiler Breeder has an upcoming litter due May 20, 2021.  The sire and dam are both Champions and have working titles.  All the health clearances.   For more information, contact Donna Garske    phone 608-843-4788     Donna lives in the Madison, Wisconsin area.