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      My new Home Page features the multi-championed dogs of Phantom Wood.   Working on this page brought back a lot of memories and some tears.   Many of these dogs have passed on, but their legacy lives on in their offspring and in the hearts of their owners.  All these dogs have earned at least 2 Championships, one in conformation and one or more in a working venue.  They are all "Beautiful Working Dogs"  - how blessed I have been to share my life with them. 



Jem was my foundation sire and is in the pedigree of every dog I have bred.   He made me laugh with his high-energy antics and his "life's a party" attitude.  He was an incredible tracking dog and sired many offspring who went on to their TDs, TDXs and CTs.   Jem also passed on his great working drive, his sons and daughters have gone on to excel in all venues.   Jem is an American Rottweiler Club Gold Sire and is in the Medallion Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame.   He earned two Dog World Awards with his high obedience scores and was consistently in the ARC Rankings.   Jem had a wonderful temperament and could be trusted with children and all dogs, large and small.  He was handsome, smart, versatile and brave - everything you would want a Rottweiler to be.  I was so lucky to have him in my life. 
          Jem's sire and dam:         (CH Birchill's Warwick CDX TDX Sch1 x CH Von Brader's Elsa)


Carly was my bright shining star.  She was a high-energy girl, always wanting to interact with me in work or play.  Carly loved obedience and was consistently ranked in the American Rottweiler Club obedience rankings, many times in the first or second spot.  Carly was the first breed Champion to also earn the Obedience Trial Championship, finishing her OTCH with a 198 1/2 and a High in Trial.  She had multiple High in Trials and never failed to entertain the crowds with her happy attitude and occasional antics. 
  Carly was owner-handled to her breed Championship and earned her majors under respected breeder-judges Joan Klem and Susan Rademacher.  Carly never quit - the day she finished her CH, it was a hot day in Tennessee and the breed ring was in the middle of an asphalt parking lot.  I knew I could rely on Carly's great heart and her love of showing - she did her final go-around with that far-reaching gait  of hers,  flying around the ring effortlessly.   I'll never forget the moment the judge pointed to her. 
  Carly was in the Medallion Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame, she was an ARC Gold Dam (one litter) and because she was one of the Top 3 obedience Rottweilers in the country, she participated in the National Obedience Invitational 2 years in a row, winning the Working Group the first year.  As a Veteran, she won many Veteran and Veteran Sweeps classes, wowing the crowd with her high energy and beautiful, flowing gait even after 11 years of age.   "Once in a lifetime" dog is not a phrase I would use lightly, since all my dogs shine with their own light, but in this case I think it applies.    My little girl Carly will always be in my heart. 
          (CH Goldeiche Ara von Brader CD x CH Queeny vom Fusse der Eifel CD)


Blaise was bold, strong and confident.  She was extremely smart and liked to be in charge.  Maybe that's why she excelled in tracking - Blaise was one of the best tracking dogs I ever owned.   She earned her TD, TDX and her VST easily, earning the coveted "Champion Tracker" title.  Blaise participated in the National Tracking Invitational, one of the few select dogs in the country invited to this honored event.    Blaise had one litter and earned the American Rottweiler Club Silver Dam Award for the Champions and working-titled offspring she produced.  She won the Brood Bitch class at the ARC National, with her sons, Baron and Dieter.    Blaise was also in the Medallion Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame.   As a Veteran, she won many Veteran and Veteran Sweeps classes,  she moved like a dream with one of the best rears I've seen.   Outside of the show ring,   I remember how brave Blaise was, she reminded me so much of her sire, my Jem.   I'm lucky to still have her son, Baron (CH Phantom Wood Der Baron CD TDX RN) in my life.  He reminds me so much of his mother, always ready to work or play.    Blaise always made her prescence known, she lit up a room with her energy.   I miss her smiling face, bouncing around with a toy in her mouth.    She was one of the great ones.  
          (Jem x CH Jay-San's Reell Gespiel CD TD)


Owner Drew Randall writes:  Corydon was a beautiful, smart, hard-working dog with a magnetic personality.  He was the first Rottweiler in breed history  (and the 2nd of ANY breed) to become a breed, obedience and tracking Champion (CH, OTCH, CT).  Corydon made fast friends with everyone he met and he passed on his big personality, good looks and working spirit to his offspring.  He was truly a unique dog in every way. 
  Co-owner Karla writes:  I was lucky that Drew, his wife Carrie and Corydon didn't live far from me, so I got to see him often.  I loved his personality, he reminded so much of his sire, Jem.  Corydon was an escape artist, and I had many good laughs when Drew would relate his latest "Houdini- type" adventure.   Corydon was extremely smart, sometimes it got him into trouble!   I was honored that Drew allowed me to put the Variable Surface Tracker title on Corydon, it was a title I always wanted for Jem, but time ran out.   I was so happy to put the title on Jem's son.    Corydon was the first male Rottweiler in breed history to earn his CH and OTCH, getting that elusive CT was frosting on the cake.   Drew and Corydon were a great team, Drew's wife Carrie was always so supportive, I'm very blessed to have them in my life. 
          (Jem x CH Jay-San's Reell Gespiel CD TD)


Owner Marilyn Blenz writes.... "Trina never met a person or dog she didn't like.  She was one of those dogs who had an infectious smile.  She made you like her!  Trina heeled with a "passage"-like trot wherein there was a moment of total suspension.  It brought out many a "WOW!" from spectators.  She was so smart, she NQ'd many times by anticpating the next exercise.  I swear Trina could read the judge's mind (and mine too!) and took the correct jump in Utility without the judge ever saying a word.   
  Trina was always  in the ARC Top Ten Obedience Rankings in all her years of competition.  She was also ranked in Agility and Rally.  Trina was in the Medallion Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame and had multiple High in Trials and High-Combineds at specialties and all-breed shows.  Sadly, she was just 4 points short of earning her OTCH before she passed.  Trina  finished her breed Championship with back-to-back majors. 
  From her one litter (one puppy) Trina produced a Champion Tracker with a UDX, AX, AXJ and  HSaS with multiple HIT herding and High-Combined obedience (Anakin). 
   A  very bright light went out when she passed - I miss her very much.  But her son and 2 grandaughters console me - a little bit of her shines in each of them."
          (Jem x CH Jay-San's Reel Gespiel CD TD)


  Owner Amanda Nickle writes:   When I first met EV (Evie), it was when I picked her up at the airport in her transport crate.  She was 8 weeks old and was laying on her back with a toy between her feet, tossing it up in the air!  The flight from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania had not phased her in the least. 
   That was how EV was her whole life.  Every day was something to be enjoyed!   She always put her spin on things and would add tricks to serious work to make you laugh.  She was known by judges and competitors alike in the herding world  and she would always do something during her runs that was completely legal and totally hilarious!  She liked to delight people.  Her nickname was "EV butt" because she never stopped wiggling her rear end.  She taught many beginner students about herding and would work for anyone.  She was ranked in the ARC Top Ten for herding in 2009.   Evilo was the best of what you could ever want in work or play, she was my partner. 
      (Select CH Von Fursten's Bavarian Rust CDX PT x CH Phantom Wood Cadence CD TDX HT RN)


Owner Amanda Nickle writes:  Stetson loves the world, he wil turn himself inside out to please you.  He will work all day and ask if you want more.  He is the nicest dog I've ever trained or worked with.    Stetson was trialed in OH, PA, NJ and DE.  Many judges that he has run under have commented to me that he is one of the best working dogs that they have seen.  Stetson has earned multiple High in Trials and Reserve High in Trials at all-breed herding trials.  He was the #2 Herding Rottweiler in 2008 and #1 in 2009  in the ARC Rankings.    Stetson earned his HTCH in one four-day weekend on 10/22/07 and his Herding Championship on 9/27/08 when he was 4 yrs. and 9 mo. old.   When Stetson became a breed Champion, he added the coveted "DC" Dual Champion, to his name.    Stetson is a "once in a lifetime" dog and I'm so grateful to have him in my life.  
    (BIS/BISS Select CH Pepperhaus Praetorian CD x CH Phantom Wood Cadence CD TDX HT RN)


Owner Francie Delony writes:  Halle is a joy to work and train, bright and willing.  Give her a task and she asks "How quickly?"  Her enthusiasm sometimes interferes with her accuracy, but lack of effort is never a problem.  She earned her first OTCH point at the ARC National in 2007, took a hiatus from training to have a litter, then completed her OTCH in 6 months in 2008.  She was the #1 Rottweiler in Open and Utility in 2008, and in Utility in 2009.  We participated in the 2009 National Obedience Invitational in Long Beach, CA, and were 17th out of 110 or so teams at the end of the first day, with no 3 point deductions.  On the tournament day, we made it to the second round to encounter the ultimate NOI winner, but were proud of our accomplishments, finishing the Working Group winner.  Halle is now working on her carting and tracking titles, and is a joy every day.
Karla writes:    as Halle's co-owner, I'd like to add that Halle finished her Breed Championship in style, she just loved to fly around that ring with her beautiful, far-reaching gait.  Earning her CH and her OTCH made her the 4th Rottweiler to do so in breed history, 3 of them being Phantom Wood dogs.  I am so proud of Halle and grateful to Francie for doing such a wonderful job with her.   They are a fantastic team!! 
     (BIS/BISS Select CH Pepperhaus Praetorian CD x CH Phantom Wood Cadence CD TDX HT RN)

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